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Benedict is a keen educator, regularly giving tuition in brass and singing, music theory and score preparation, and conducting technique. As a freelance teacher Benedict teaches one-to-one lessons in schools and at pupils' homes, and during the pandemic he taught singing and brass pupils over Zoom, with a primary emphasis on safe and healthy technique as well as detailed musicianship. He formerly worked for the City of Oxford Silver Band, offering lessons to members of the organisation.


He currently gives after-school tuition to GCSE music students at Cheney School, Oxford, focusses on the listening and theory aspects of the GCSE course.

At university, he gave tuition to fellow students in conducting technique for both instrumental and vocal ensembles, as well as emphases on score preparation and rehearsal technique. He assisted friends in advance of successful auditions, offering advice when required. Benedict was also keen to assist in the study of orchestration to fellow students as they prepared for assignments.

As a choral conductor, Benedict believes strongly in promoting proper vocal technique and vocal health, and therefore spends ample time in rehearsals helping to coach un-auditioned choirs in healthy vocal technique; something he continues to strongly advocates to pupils, and in all future engagements.


"I had the pleasure of working with Ben whilst preparing for an assessment in conducting which contributed to my music degree. I sought out his help because I was feeling under-confident with my gestures and approaching a large ensemble. I was also having physical difficulties with my back which had set me back with my conducting classes and somewhat challenged my technique. Ben approached our sessions very calmly and sympathetically, understanding that I was behind and set about unjudgmentally observing my approach. I felt completely at ease conducting in front of him, and his ‘what went well’: ‘even better if’ approach was really reassuring. Ben was a real motivator when I wanted to give up and felt silly when conducting which resulted in me practicing more and trying harder. He is an excellent tutor who can lead by example but also encourages you to try new approaches gesturally and musically."

Bronte Larsen-Disney - 2019

“Benedict has been teaching trumpet to my 13 year old son for almost a year. He is a wonderful teacher, full of enthusiasm and encouragement. He has made a real difference to the quality and tone that Sam is producing, and increased his musical interpretation of his pieces. His progress has been entirely via Zoom lessons, and I am sure will be even more marked when he can have lessons face to face. Sam always enjoys his lessons and comes out smiling”.

Dr Sara McDouall - 2021

"Ben put me very well at ease during our session together and addressed both the technical aspects of my conducting and my rehearsal technique. Having been conducted by Ben previously, it was clear that he had an excellent command of both. This fact was reflected in his comments during our session, which were concise and addressed the finer details which make or break a podium performance. I feel that conductors at any level benefit from second opinions and I value Ben’s very highly."

Ben Siebertz-Willett - 2019

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